Emma. (2020)

Original Artwork for the movie “Emma” by Autumn de Wilde

Client: Focus Features

Date: March 8, 2020

Services: Movie Artwork

Mo Winkels_ Emma

In the course of a creative call from Talenthouse, my artwork for the movie “Emma”, directed by Autumn de Wilde, got chosen by Focus Features as part of the films marketing campaign and potential merchandise.






Emma. – Paper Cut Out Doll & Clothes


I was deeply impressed and inspired by the detailed costume design and the modern charming color palette of the film. I thought it would fit in with the humorous nature of this reinterpretation if you see Emma and her many great garments as paper cut out dolls. These paper dolls have been around since the 18th century, mainly in fashion journals with their illustrated supplements. Even today they are still published in magazines and newspapers. Thus the Emma dressing doll fits the fashionable style of the 18th/19th century as well as the modern approach of the new film.