WWU Münster Magazine

A series about Covid and isolation with texts by Stephan Froleyks for the cover and inside of University Münster Magazine.

Client: University Münster
Date: September, 2020
Services: Coverillustration + Visual Storytelling

In the first days of Corona, Stephan Froleyks encountered a children’s book for learning to read from the 1960s, which gave him the idea of reacting to them with equally short texts in those special days. In the resulting texts very different worlds come together – from the chestnut alley to the freezer – each imagined in his own style of language. Again and again it is about the new and still unfamiliar self-evident in a seemingly shrinking world, central to this: communication. The images to the texts come from my mind. I catch the balls that Stephan Froleyks plays to me and give them a stage in a graphically charming and reduced way. Image and text complement each other and make curious about each other. Sometimes it comes to a humorous small click-moment, sometimes the image-text ratio implodes and remains mysterious.


In a joint process, Stephan Froleyks and me developed the idea for a quartet of 32 sheets, which will be completed and produced. In the future you will be able to play quarantine with cards. As a small foretaste of it, there are 15 sheets in the magazine. The cover of the magazine shows two isolated smokers separated by a wall.

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wwu münster 1
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