Card 01 – Nokoela
Card 29 – Emil & The Uniform
Card 03 – Scrappy D.
Card 15 – Polermus
Card 22 – Wilhelmine
Card 23 – Dominik Yappings
Card 64 – Hinten
Card 50 – Julius Bloomstick
Card 07 – Dr Toadnewt & Winston
Card 64 – Madame Kurva
Card 66 – Gilbert

Trading Card Trailer

Trading Cards

Collect 'em all!

Drawing and inventing stories often leads to numerous great bizarre characters, which however haven’t been given a really worthy stage until now. So I had the idea to create my own trading cards, which I publish weekly on Instagram. The first base set includes 94 cards. On the right you can get a small impression of how the cards look like.