In the eye of the beholder

This little nine-part series deals with the negative sides of social media.


It can be difficult, when information that is not based on scientific knowledge or that’s just emotionally charged, is published online and gets shared around. It’s way too easy to hide behind the keyboard and attack or defame somebody. So these tongue-in-cheek cards shall encourage you to critically examine what’s going on and to always form your own opinion, but maybe not post it at the first opportuity on the internet. Reflect on it first.

I chose to draw these cards as a quote to different comicbook covers and characters, because…well that’s a whole other story. And why not, though?

It’s too easy to hide behind your keyboard

Relationships become nonbinding through Facebook and Co. , the form of communication is passive and human closeness and empathy is hardly possible. Stability in friendships is difficult to build. The results are isolation, psychological problems, frustration and social misconduct. Further problems of Facebook and Co


are the staging of one’s own life as an event and the heavy self-portrayal by bloggers and influencers, which has no connection to the reality of everyday life. Many Internet users can be influenced too much by this, but without realizing it. Young people in particular hardly read newspapers any more, get their information unfiltered from the net and are satisfied with what Google and Facebook offer them.

You want to make your grandmother happy?

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