Dr. Toadnewt

This is absolutely not a story for children, but rather a picture book for adults with a healthy sense of humor.

Private investigator Dr. Toadnewt and his faithful partner, sea pig Winston, receive the assignment to solve a difficult case. As Dr. Toadnewt often mistakenly overestimates his detective skills, it drives the two investigators into strange and seemingly incoherent scenarios in their search for a missing stuffed animal. These include the no longer virgin Wilhelmine and her pimp Dominik Yappings or the peculiarly polyphonic hairdresser Polermus. What begins as a seemingly harmless, quiet children’s story becomes more and more entangled in a confusingly large whole, until Dr. Toadnewt and the good Winston get on the trail of Count Luhtstock, a powerful corporate mafioso who controls half of the city.

Lord Luhtstock
Dominik Yappings Flees